Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 26th 2015 Meeting Location

For our Monday October 26th meeting, we will meet at the Starbucks in Blaine (1384 109th Avenue located in the Southwest Corner of the intersection of Highway 65 and 109th Avenue). Meetings typically last from 6:30 to 8-9 pm. Come when you can and leave when you need to. Topics to be determined by talkers who attend. Maybe bring ideas on future meeting topics, other venues, etc.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seed Balls - The Movie

At our last meeting, Zach taught us the fine art of making seed balls.  Some highlights from the event are captured in the very short film below.  Looking forward to the spring when I can see what comes up from the seed balls I cast.   

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Monday October 12th Meeting

For our Monday October 12th meeting, Zach will be putting on a seed ball workshop. I think the link below provides a bit more details on the history and usage of the seed/earth ball. We will be meeting at my garage located at 866 113th Lane NE, in Blaine. Feel free to bring assorted seeds (if you have some), dress appropriately as apparently the clay used in the seed ball mixture can be a bit messy. Meeting will start at 6:30 and should run until 8 or 9. Come when you can and leave when you need to.
Seed ball (or for the french speakers boule de graines)  link here:
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Tom Jablonski