Friday, May 20, 2016

Simply Simple Simpleton

“Live simply so others may simply live.”

It seems either Gandhi or Mother Theresa said this..
I have taken this quote to mean that by living more conscious and local and with less, we can provide others with opportunity to live in this world. I do not take it as by buying less, more goes to others. 
This is simple to remember and to be a reminder day to day that each and every action made will have an effect on something else. Obviously, we all know that. But do we act on it? 
In such a global economy it is very difficult for me to see what or how or who is behind every product or service I purchase. There is too much research to be done and decisions to be made to truly understand ones purchasing power.

I have come across the zero waste movement recently and have found more and more following this mindset. This would be a huge challenge for me, but I plan to take it on. The idea is basically to use and buy everything without creating garbage, items not recyclable or compostable. That would even be difficult shopping at Goodwill, they have those stickers on everything. It is more a challenge to think about each and every purchase. How each tag, sticker, tie, or wrapper can build up in only one year. It challenges one to find alternatives or do without. 
By keeping things simple, we bring more back to our local environment and can begin to observe and understand our relationship with the world. Keeping things simple allows us to be able to do much more ourselves or have a lesser impact on others. 

Speaking of impacting others...
The other night, I was listening to comedy radio and Louis CK came up and had an interesting bit about slavery. Not something we tolerate today, but he challenges how we think of slavery. I apologize for any profanity if it is not your thing, but he has some good points for thought.

Other things to check out to get some context around this quote: , or on netflix

I would love to hear your thoughts and interpretations of this quote!