Friday, January 30, 2015

Any Water Quality Project Ideas?

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization in Minneapolis is offering grants of up to $3000 to organizations to promote water quality improvement projects or events in their area. See their webpage here for more information:

Since I think we all ultimately live in the Mississippi River Watershed, can you think of any projects we might be interested in pursuing that we could apply for some funding for?  Maybe build a rain garden in someone's yard or in some property along the river?  Something to promote local food production as a way reduce ag runoff?  Or maybe some sort of event we could host?  

Just a thought to think about.  


  1. Yes! Rain barrels and harvesting/reusing gray water could be great candidates too.

    We've missed the first cycle of grant issuance but can easily jump into cycle two.

    We'll need to come up with a budget for each project we'd like to include (up to $3000 for all projects).

    Pre-Applications have to be in by April 13th.