Friday, January 23, 2015

Some Transition Links

A quick follow up from our last meeting regarding web sites that might provide more information on topics related to our group can be found below.  I am sure there are others that other folks might be aware of and feel free to send an email to the group with your suggested additions.
Transition Longfellow (info on the Minneapolis Transition group)
I believe the Post Carbon Institute maintains the Resilience website, but I also follow their blog here: for all things peak oil, climate change, etc.
Permaculture Research Institute provide local training on permaculture
And for a more challenging take on all this stuff, lately I have been following John Michael Greer’s blog the Arch Druid Report here:

And for Facebook users, don’t forget our site called “Transition North Twin Cities” here: where some of us share links we might find useful.

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