Friday, July 29, 2016

Can We Keep On Trucking?

A reminder that on Monday August 1st Bob Suchanek has reserved our old meeting room in the upstairs conference room at the Coon Rapids Cub Foods located at 2050 Northdale Blvd in the Village 10 Center in Coon Rapids.  The meeting will start about 6:30 p.m and again will last until 8:30 or so or until we get kicked out. 

Bob will be playing a recent Podcast from James Howard Kunstler who talks with science writer Alice J. Friedmann about her book WHEN TRUCKS STOP RUNNING.  

The two talk about oil, trucking, transportation, and the fate of Western Civilization as we run out of the fuel that keeps the whole thing grinding along.  More on the hour long interview can be found here:  

 We should have some time to talk about the talk, after the talk.  

If your interested in a prequel to the interview, check out this synopsis of Friedmann’s book here: .  

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