Saturday, January 31, 2015

News We Can Use

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Your plants communicate with each other. These communication networks don't fully develop in a single year. That is why tilling as little as possible is so important. It is also important to pollinators.
Seed Saving
The seeds you save have instructions from their mother and some of them are pretty specific to your particular area. Please save seed.
Human Impact
Here is more evidence that our habits and causing massive changes we're only beginning to understand.


  1. Shawn, Interesting links. I like the finding "that no plant or animal species exist in a vacuum". And just some clarifing questions on the references. I think you are the author of the Cloverculture Blog and are a member of the Clover Culture Community where the links you referenced come from? Not that it matters, but just trying to understand the relationships in the CloverCulture world.

  2. Yeah the blog and the forum application where the links go are both hosted at home.

    I copy the article text into my own database so I don't have to rely on the source site (or even the Internet) to get the data. :)

    The forum is constantly being spammed from places in Europe so active sign ups are disabled though I can create an account for anybody that would like to contribute to it. :)