Friday, February 20, 2015

Whitney's Action Monday Notes 2/17/2015

Tom, Bob, Mary, Nathan, Emily, Zack, Steve, Shawn

  • Began discussion about Agile methods of project completion. Our very own Steve happens to have a lot of experience using Agile to complete different projects and has volunteered to give a short presentation on the subject during our next WAM* session.

    For more information Bob provided a link to the Agile Manifesto. Replace the word, "software," with, "system," for a less occupationally specific version.
  • Looking for members willing to submit a picture (preferably of your self) and a short biographical blurb about why you and Transition are a, "thing," now.

    These will be printed at some point before the Green Expo to be pinned proudly to the board that Bob has assembled for that very purpose.
  • The Second Annual Planting Party will be held at a slightly more appropriate time of the season this year. The date is still up in the air but It will definitely happen in April and definitely after the 9th. If there are any more things that should added to that list, ... definitely let us know.
  • *Thanks to Emily we can now efficiently refer to these meetings simply as WAM.
  • Briefly discussed a CSA. In the spirit of Agile Methods Emily suggested we start small and provide a CSA to people just within our own little Transition community.
  • Nathan volunteered to design and deliver a form of sorts. It is intended to help us gather and organize a list of abilities, tools and equipment that we'd be willing to share with the group.
  • Nathan (I think) also suggested we engineer a convenient way for people to drop off excesses of useful things. This could be used as a way for members to swap various items.

    Whitney and I would like to volunteer our garage as soon as we get a chance to give it several good once-overs. Other volunteers and suggestions are welcome.
  • Plant sharing was discussed and well received. And for the record, Steve has a lot of comfrey to share.
  • Mary mentioned that she wanted to build a solar dehydrator and the entire group mentioned that we would like very much to help her do it. If the meeting had been in Nathan or Zack's garage I'm sure the excitement would have had us build one on the spot.

    For the next WAM session we hope to have gathered plans and a few materials that could go into building a few solar dehydrators.

    The Piepers (Nathan and Emily) volunteered their garage for a Solar Dehydrator Build Day once we have everything we need.
  • The season for Maple Syrup harvesting is almost here. Bob has already found some additional spiles to use and Steve's description of a maple syrup cooking party sounds pretty enjoyable.
  • Nathan suggested we put together a spring foraging event. He will be scouting out some good areas to search. If you have a favorite foraging spot of your own please tell us about it.
  • The Piepers also discussed hosting a fruit tree pruning event. Stay tuned...even though the technology you're using to read has no tuner to speak of.
  • Steven mentioned setting up a class on fruit tree grafting which seems to be required knowledge if we want to propagate a particular type of fruit tree reliably.
  • Finally there was discussion about having different members give short, edifying presentations on things they're passionate about. If you're interested we can easily make room for your presentation during pretty much any meeting.
Thanks to all that showed and all that show interest. Thanks to the rest of you too. Seriously.

The links below were recently posted to the Transition North Twin Cities Facebook page and related to this meeting...

Bob Found:

Tom Found:

From Zack: Thinking more about some tools our Action Team can use to make decisions as the need arises, the SWOT analysis comes to mind. It's a simple tool that can be used to help build consensus on ideas. So, when we come to a point where we must choose between courses of action, we can perform a SWOT on each choice.
The hope is that by laying out the idea in this way, the option that makes the most sense will become more clear.
And because we are advocating for and against ideas without voting, we are building support for one idea or another rather than leaving the simple minority in the dust.



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